The word 'Svastha' from Sanskrit (the ancient language of Indian philosophy) refers to a state of complete health, mental and emotional balance. If you want to translate this into a personal experience, it is very well described as 

Lightness in the body - brightness in the mind

(AG Mohan)

‘Sva’ literally means ’the self’ and ‘stha’ means ‘stand’ or ‘to be’; so 'Svastha' could be translated as 'standing in your own self'.

The Svastha Institute Ammersee teaches methods from Yoga and Ayurveda. The objective is to support you in experiencing relief in various life situations and in finding ways to achieve physical well-being, mental clarity and emotional balance.


mit Yoga Beweglichkeit schaffen


Yoga brings fitness, but it is more than just sport. Yoga effectively manages stress, but is more than a relaxation technique.

„Yoga is an inner experience, a work-in within a work-out“
(Indra Mohan)


Ayurveda is considered the "science" of longevity and also integrates yoga into its applications. The goal is a healthy and active life into old age.

„When the diet is wrong, the medicine is of no use. If the diet is correct, the medicine is not needed.“
(Ayurvedisches Sprichwort) 

Svastha Education

Regular workshops, talks and seminars about Yoga und Ayurveda. 

„Do not look for the right teacher, look for the right knowledge.“
(AG Mohan)

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