Ayurveda Consultation

You can already guess it - if you look at your eating and life habits through the Ayurveda lenses, then some of your favorite habits could go down the drain. Certainly, we don't like that at first - until we discover what we are gaining instead. This is usually a feeling of lightness and is not necessarily linked to weight loss (although it can).

You might be at a point in life where you really want to know what is good and healthy for you in terms of nutrition and what is not. There is a real jungle of nutritional concepts out there that often contradict each other. How should you know about it?

And on top of that, school medicine finally discovered that nutrition and the digestive system (keyword 'intestinal flora', 'enteric nervous system') play a far greater role in terms of disease development, management and in prevention than was previously assumed. Well, this has long been known in Ayurveda and its implementation has been tried and tested for centuries.

In our initial consultation we find out which recommendations for eating and lifestyle are suitable for you. This will take between 60 and 75 minutes. You will receive a detailed questionnaire in advance. We will detect the imbalances of the doshas (according to Ayurveda these are the  intelligent 'managers' of our physical and psychological processes) and develop easy-to-implement strategies for your everyday life. Afterwards you receive a written summary of the recommendations.

Then it is your turn to try out, experiment and find out what leads to more leightness and well-being and what doesn't. Often there is a need for adjustments, because change usually takes place in steps and not abruptly. Measures should then be sensibly adapted based on your experience.

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Price table

Initial Consultation  (60 - 75 min, include written summary)

60,00 - 75,00 €

Subsequent consultation by minute (ca. 30 min)

ca. 30,00 €

Subsequent consultaiton by phone by minute (ca. 15 min)

ca. 15,00 € 

Prices include 19% VAT

Foto: Doshas Ayurveda Kapha, Pitta und Vata ©Heelig/Shutterstock.com; private foto