Therapy options





Extensive basic Ayurvedic consultation
(2 appointments):
- Anamnese and examination
- Nutrition and therapy plan
- Consultation

150,00 Euro


Ayurveda 'starter' consultation
(approx. 60 min):
- Anamnese and examination
- Consultation (w/o written plan)

 73,80 Euro


Subsequent Ayurvedic consultations:
- Follow-up with examination
- Refine the therapies

according to time requirement


Basic consultation yoga therapy (approx. 1.5 h):
- Anamnese and examination
- Yoga therapeutic practice with
   individual instruction
- Therapeutic yoga practice and advice

100,00 Euro


Subsequent Yoga therapy consultation (1h):
- Adaptation of therapeutic yoga practice
- individual instruction

65,00 Euro

Please bring prior medical exams  and a 7 day nutritional plan for the Ayurvedic consultation.

The naturopath consultations and treatments are a private service. The fee is calculated according to the time spent on counseling and therapy and to the fee schedule for alternative practitioners (GeBüH). The invoices can be submitted to private and supplementary insurance companies. The reimbursement depends on your contract and may not be fully guaranteed. For those with statutory health insurance, the invoice cannot be submitted, however, there is the option of claiming them as special tax charges.