Svastha Yoga from 12.1.2021

Yoga classes resume on Jan 12,2. During lockdown I continue to teach via Zoom.



Tuesday morning: 9:00 - 10:30 a.m.

Clear your mind - Hatha yoga for stress reduction

This course is offered as a health insurance certified course for stress reduction. 12x90 min for 194.00 euros.

It is suitable for beginners with solid prior knowledge and experienced students. We focus on breath awareness

during āsana and continue to explore Pranayama tecniques in seated position.




Tuesday evening: 7:00 - 8:15 p.m.

Hatha yoga for beginners

This beginner course in Hatha yoga is also supported by health insurances and covers 12x75 min.We familiarize

ourselves with breath-centered movements (Āsanas) and will be introduced to pranayama (168.00 euros).




Thursday evening: 6:30 p.m. - 7:45 p.m.

Deepen the yoga experience

This course is aimed at anyone who wants to delve deeper into Hatha Yoga. We increasingly refine our perception

inwards and learn to modulate the breath currents in pranayama. Bookable by subscriptions.

Price table in 2021

Classes by your choice
UnitsValid forPrice

Mini  (600  min) 
e.g. 10 x 60 min classes

40 x 15 min 12 weeks      112,00 €
Midi  (750 min),                    
e.g. 10 x 75 min classes
50 x 15 min 16 weeks      140,00 €
Maxi (1500 min)100 x 15 min 32 weeks     270,00 €
XL  (3000 min)200 x 15 min 56 weeeks      476,00 €

The period of validity factores a quota of vacation and public holidays in.

Trial ClassesUnits Validity  Price
Trial subsrciption 225 min                    
(only once)
15 x 15 min 3 weeks       37,50 €
Trial class (only once)         12,00 €
Drop in 60 min         12,00 €
Drop in 75 min         15,00 €
Drop in 90 min         18,00 €

Prevention courses supported by Health Insurances

We offer courses that are subsidized by health insurance companies (so-called prevention courses K). The subsidy

from the health insurance companies is around 50% and is usually granted twice a year.


The courses (K) consist of 10-12 modules of different lengths and are self-contained units that start over on certain

dates. The grant is linked to certificate of attendance issued by the Svastha Institute after the the participants showed

80% participation (= 10 of 12 or 8 of 10 hours) within the course dates. Unused hours expire after the course completion

and the certificate has been issued.