Price table

60 minDrop-in
12,00 €

5-visit pass
55,00 €

10-visit pass
100,00 €
75 min

15,00 €

5-visit pass
70,00 €
10-visit pass
130,00 €
partly K
60 min
60,00 €3-visit pass
165,00 €
6-visit pass
300,00 €

All courses can be booked as drop-in, 5-visit pass or 10-visit pass. The passes are valid three (5-pass) and four (10-pass) months after the date of issue (= first hour visited) and are NOT bound to one class. All prices include 19% VAT.

You can have one trial class any time for 10,00 €

Prevention courses supported by Health Insurances

Currently, we offer three yoga classes that are subsidized by health insurance companies (so-called prevention courses = K). The health insurance subsidy is about 50% of the costs and is usually granted twice a year.

The courses (K) consist  10 modules (Tues and Thu for 130.00 €). The grant is linked to an obligation to provide the following evidence for both the participant and the teacher/Svastha Ammersee:

  1. The courses are time-bound  and have to visited within this period, since this is how they are promoted by the health insurers. 
  2. Within this time frame, participants must show 80% attendance (= 10 out of 12 or 8 out of 10 hours) in order to receive a certificate of attendance for presentation to the health insurers.

Unused hours will expire after completion of the courses and receipt of the certificate.