Practicing Yoga in a group

Our Hatha Yoga classes involve three elements:

1. Postures (Āsanas)

Performed dynamically or statically at different levels of difficulty, depending on the practitioners. Developing the ability to move within the breath, connect the breath with the movement in Āsanas.

The objective is a healthy lengthening of the spine, strengthening of the musculoskeletal system and maintenance of a sensible range of movement until into old age.

2. Breathing techniques (Prānayāma)

Deepening and lengthening the breath in order to calm the mind/the nervous system; with techniques depending on the practioners and their goals.

The respiratory muscles are strenghtened and lengthened and the digestion is stimulated.

3. Meditation (Dhārana)

Creating silence, centering the mind. Movements and breath take us there step by step.


Combination of the three elements 

Postures, breathing exercises and meditation build on each other and can be interwoven in such a way to keep our mind calm without feeling 'bored'.

Interestingly, this is one of the fundamental teachings of Sri T. Krishnamarcharya:
Instead of teaching āsanas, pranayama and meditation one after the other, we can - almost playfully - combine one with (within) the other - depending on whom you teach. This way, lessons get diverse and individually designed at the same time.


The offer at Svastha Ammersee:

Hatha Yoga - Movement within the Breath

We concentrate on physical postures and gradually increase the level of difficulty within an even and long breath. Hence, the deepening and lengthening of the breath is first practiced within the movement. Pausing and relaxing ensure that we come to rest and refine our inner awareness. This happens in all Svastha Hatha Yoga classes.





Hatha Yoga Refined

In the lessons on Tuesday morning and Thursday evening, we add breath awareness while sitting. We prepare ourselves step by step to sit still. We might use sound and mantras (a syllable / word in Sanskrit) to effortlessly deepen the breath and to increase concentration. Moments of silence expand. The morning hour (on Tue) contains more active elements than the evening hour (on Thurs).





Special Courses

Lightness in the body - brightness in the mind: Yoga for the back and joint pain

This course is best for participants with problems in the back and / or joints. We dismiss any asymmetrical yoga postures, concentrate on stabilizing our core and building strength. We learn the breath-centered practice of Yoga āsanas and thus experience more peace and tranquility in the mind.

Asanas +++  Pranayama +  Entspannung +


Yin Yoga

Yin Yoga goes back to movement patterns of Traditional Chinese Medicine and mimics movements of the animal world in order to get the life energy flowing and potentially to release any blockages. The postures are static-meditative and stretch the sides of the body along the meridians. Marie fills the room with poetic and spiritual texts.

Asanas +++  Pranayama +  Entspannung +++

Some courses are supported by the Health Insurances, find out more here: Timetable.

Legend: +++ strong focus, ++ medium fokus, + low focus

Fotos: postures, breathing exercise and meditation ©Anja Orttmann-Heuser;