Eindrücke von Teilnehmern

„Ich freue mich auf jede Dienstagsstunde, da Anja in jedem Gruppenunterricht neue Übungen vorstellt. Sie verfügt hier über ein schier unerschöpfliches Reservoir, was die Stunden sehr abwechslungsreich und spannend gestaltet. Ich habe von Svastha Yoga sehr profitiert, was meine Körperhaltung, meine Beweglichkeit, meine Atmung und insbesondere mein Körpergefühl betrifft.“       

Verena B., Gruppenunterricht, Weilheim

„Nach der Yogastunde bei Anja nimmst du ihr Lächeln mit nach Hause…

Alexander H., Gruppenunterricht, Herrsching

Es gefällt mir sehr und ist ein persönliche Bereicherung!!!

Anonym, Svastha Zufriedenheitsanalyse 2018

Sehr gutes Yoga Programm, gesetzte Schwerpunktthemen gefallen mir gut, sehr angenehme persönliche und individuelle Betreuung, nette Teilnehmer, weiter so!

Anonym, Svastha Zufriedenheitsanalyse 2018

„Dein Unterricht war immer super, hab mich gut aufgehoben gefühlt. Bin seitdem viel beweglicher. Vor allem die Atmung hat mir schon oft geholfen.“

Gloria S., Gruppenunterricht,  Hechendorf


Anja geht sehr individuell und einfühlsam auf die Bedürfnisse der einzelnen Kursteilnehmer ein. Sie gestaltet den Unterricht sehr abwechslungsreich, bei jeder Stunde lernt man etwas dazu.

Birgit R., Gruppenunterricht, Wörthsee



Erfahrungsberichte auf Englisch

"Lately people are telling me that I look so calm and in control. This is because I joined Anja’s Yoga class every week. Anja offers a very safe environment to practice or to learn more about Yoga. Each class is a follow up from the previous one. This makes her yoga classes more like a journey where you experience to feel good about your body and soul. It is not important how flexible or good you are. It is more like a short interruption of our hectic life so you can face reality in a more calm and balanced way. After her morning classes I was much more capable of dealing with daily matters because of my state of mind."

Johanna L., Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur


"Anja has an innate ability to identify what the client needs. I can't thank her enough for the amazing contribution she made to my wellbeing and ability to enjoy life. Carving out the time for yoga with Anja has truly enhanced my ability to enjoy life. She has been a fantastic guide."

 Rachel M., Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur


"I was very happy with the classes I had with Anja. It was very well catered for my condition, gentle yet strengthening at the same time. I felt good every time after her class, the whole day. It is a pity she left. They could not find a replacement who teaches what she taught."

 Joanne, Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur


"I love attending Anja's yoga classes because she is a very attentive and knowledgeable teacher. Anja takes the time to explain the posture and its intent and also ensures it is done safely by each student. Anja also focuses on the effect on the mind, which is the true purpose of yoga. Her classes always uplift me and bring calmness to my day."

 Cindy R., Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur


"Anja is an amazing yoga teacher who passionately cares about her students and their overall health. In the two years that I attended her classes, she encouraged me to take what I learned about breathing, meditation and postures into my everyday life. It is clear that Anja knows her human anatomy and how the poses should be (and should not be) made. This educated approach to yoga encourages strength and flexibility and discourages haphazard patterns and injuries. I can recommend, without any reservation, taking yoga classes with Anja."

 Jean d.V., Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur


"I was very very lucky to know about and join Anja's yoga class in Kuala Lumpur. Every her lesson was beautifully constructed of physical and mental exercises. They were also cleverly blended with some touch of meditation which made her lessons so special from others. Having yoga lessons with Anja was like a pleasure journey of self-discover for me. I will miss shanti chanting at the end of every class. Thank you so much. Namaste!!! "

 Ha D., Gruppenunterricht, Kuala Lumpur

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