Yogatherapy for T2D (Erfahrungsheilkunde)

Birgit Lenarz und Anja Orttmann-Heuser

The German Diabetes Society reports that 9.5% of the adult population has type 2 diabetes. Yoga therapy can be effective as a complementary therapy to develop lasting healthier habits. It specifically uses the methods of yoga to alleviate disease-related limitations and symptoms. In Germany, yoga therapy is not yet very widespread, but it has already established itself in the United States. As a complementary personalized therapy, it can also play an important role in the treatment of diabetes II. Physical exercises are specifically combined with breathing and relaxation techniques for this group of patients in order to set processes in motion on a physical and mental level. It takes into account the abilities and needs of the individual and is based on fundamental principles: Individualized exercise program, freedom from pain, continuity, step-by-step approach, self-efficacy and self-awareness.

Exemplary yoga therapeutic interventions for typical symptoms of diabetes II such as muscle deficits, breathing difficulties, and unhealthy eating behaviors are presented. Scientific studies also support the positive effects of yoga on T2DM management. The authors address the recognition of yoga therapy as a complementary method in the treatment of diabetes II.

Keywords: diabetes II, yoga therapy, complementary therapy, T2DM management, unhealthy eating behaviours.

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