Testimonials from clients

"It was very enriching to be initiated into Ayurvedic nutritional science by Anja. First, my constitutional type and the constitutional imbalances were determined according to the Ayurvedic three-dose theory Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It was interesting and fascinating to learn how the diet differs for each dosha. So if I eataccording to my constitution, I feel very comfortable and have a good gut feeling. It was definitely an enrichment for me to use Anja's sensible and competent nutritional advice. Thanks for that!!"

G. , 2018, Hechendorf 

"I came to Ms. Orttmann-Heuser mainly because of my sleeping problems and restlessness. After the detailed discussion, I received detailed recommendations that helped a lot to find my rhythm again and to improve sleep significantly. In addition, my yoga practice has taken on a whole new quality. I particularly like the everyday suitability of the recommendations. The basic principles are clear and simple, so you can usually stick to them in hectic everyday life. You don't have to cook exclusively Indian to eat according to Ayurvedic principles. ”

O., 2018, Herrsching

"After an extensive evaluation of the questionnaire and an intensive discussion, I received valuable tips from Ms. Orttmann-Heuser to get my sleep problem under control again. She took as much time as needed which  I have never experienced before. I also received written Ayurvedic recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle. I have accepted a lot and - my long-awaited sleep rhythm and consequently my well-being have returned. ”

Liane H., 2017, Kuala Lumpur

"I found Anya's consultation to be truly holistic. Her analysis and subsequent recommendations have enabled me to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit with simplicity."

Andres S., 2017, Kuala Lumpur

„Anja’s practical Ayurvedic recommendations for my diet and lifestyle have improved my overall health and well-being. Upon following her recommended daily routine, morning yoga routine and diet that is suitable for my constitution, I experienced great improvement in my digestive strength, asthma, eczema, detoxifying ability as well as my mood. Anja taught me how to understand my dosha type and make a special ginger tea, which helps my digestive system on a daily basis. My children even enjoy some of the recipes I’ve learnt especially the Kichari and porridge with Ghee. Through Anja’s wealth of knowledge, warmth and understanding, she has guided me to find a daily routine based on Ayurveda and yoga, which fits perfectly into my busy lifestyle.

Karima B., 2017, Kuala Lumpur

Foto: Ayurveda Blüte ©Marina Demidova/Shutterstock.com; private foto