Yogatherapy for Diabetes II

An innovative, in-depth and comprehensive e-learning course that enables yoga teachers to support and guide people with diabetes II in individual and group classes.

Yoga is becoming increasingly important for people with diabetes and in prevention in a society with increasing life expectancy. We can often help prevent or alleviate symptoms with an adapted yoga practice. Course language is German.

    Which topics will be covered?

    First, we explain the context to gain a holistic understanding of the disease:

    • Prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes (T2D)
    • Personal and social implications of the disease
    • Introduction to Glucose Metabolism and the Importance of Insulin
    • The disease process of diabetes from a conventional medical perspective
    • The Ayurvedic Perspective on Diabetes
    • Management of diabetes II in the office and in everyday life

    We will then go on to explain why the therapeutic approach of yoga, as a complementary therapy, can make a significant difference:

    • Explanation of the Citti-Vritti and Vritti-Samskara cycles
    • Deduction of the key skill of mindfulness
    • What is body awareness?
    • Perception of hunger and satiety

    We then introduce the principles of yoga therapy and how to apply them on a physical and mental level:

    • Principles of Yoga Therapy
    • Development and guidance of breath and breath awareness in simple steps for PWD
    • On the physical level: influence on the sugar metabolism and impulses for the practice of asanas.
    • On the mental level: reduction of depression, anxiety, worry and stress

    Benefits of e-learning

    The content is delivered through a series of tutorials (videos), a detailed script, guidelines, and real-world examples. In addition, there are links to the latest studies and articles of interest. The platform is also accessible via a mobile app.

    • The course is self-paced.
    • All content can be repeated, skipped or searched for specific keywords as needed.
    • The tutorials are easy to understand and have a short duration (5 to 15 minutes).
    • The short length of time has been proven to be an effective attention-getter and motivator for learners.
      Memorizing content is easier.
    • The multimedia presentation appeals to multiple senses and increases learning success.

    Course Fees

    The course with 90 lessons and a total length of 20 hours can be started at any time. 

    Introductory Course Fee                             199,00 Euro

    Regular  Fee (01.07.2024):                              249,00 Euro


    Webinar for Practical Applications:

    Sundays 10:00-12:00 am per Zoom





    Fee:  20 Euro

    Participants' Impressions

    "Yoga and Diabetes II is a comprehensive, well-researched workshop that I highly recommend.
    This workshop explains - with great attention to detail - the various interrelationships in the body
    from the perspective of both conventional medicine and Ayurveda.
    An all-round (handout, lectures, e-learning platform) very successful mix of theory and practice".

    Andrea, 2023


    "Birgit and Anja's Yoga Therapy for Diabetes II course builds a bridge between conventional medicine, yoga and Ayurveda. The concept offers a very structured and in-depth introduction to the various areas of knowledge, so that I was able to acquire the necessary knowledge with great interest and pleasure to support people with diabetes II in a healthy lifestyle as a yoga teacher. All in all, a well-founded training that was created with a lot of dedication and heart".

    Sandra, Düsseldorf, 2023


    "I found the online training on type 2 diabetes very enriching and informative and am impressed by the quality, depth and methodology of how the topics are prepared and presented. Navigating the platform and unearthing the treasures it contains is a great pleasure. I hadn't really been involved with the topic of diabetes before. But it is really exciting and important - for those affected, but also for society, as I have learned. I am amazed at how the topics are connected: conventional medicine, Ayurveda, yoga psychology, yoga therapy and the social significance. That's outstanding!"

    Sabine, Herrsching, 2023


    "The course was a very enriching experience for me. I was amazed at how comprehensive, yet well-structured and easy to understand the course was. I gained important, interesting and completely new insights from different perspectives and now feel well equipped to continue working on the topic".

    Outi, 2023 



    Birgit Lenarz

    Naturopath, Yogatherapist, Yogateacher, Lecturer for Yogatherapy


    You can learn more about Birgit here.


    Anja Orttmann-Heuser

    Yoga teacher, alternative practitioner for Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy, pharmacist


    More about Anja you find here.

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