Therapy options



Costs (01.01.2024)


Detailed Ayurvedic basic consultation (2 app.):
- Medical history and examination
- Nutrition and therapy plan
- consultation

  150,00 Euro


Initial Ayurveda consultation (approx. 60 min):
- Medical history and examination
- Consultation with recommendations 

   82,00 Euro


Follow-up appointments Ayurveda:
- Follow-up with examination
- Refinement of the therapies
according to time spent

  37,00 Euro/30 min


Basic consultation yoga therapy according to time spent
- Anamnesis and examination
- Practice with individual guidance
- Exercise plan and advice

 105,00 Euro/90 min


Follow-up yoga therapy session
(ca. 60 min):
- Follow-up
- Adaptation of the exercises 
- Practice with individual guidance
- Possibly new exercise plan

  70,00 Euro/60 min

Further diagnostic measures may be necessary, e.g. blood sugar measurement, urinalysis, saliva test, which are carried out in consultation with the patient and after explaining the costs.

Manual therapy
Some special treatments such as Bastis (local oil applications) and Nasya are carried out by me in the practice, for oil massages I work together with selected manual therapists.

Please bring prior medical exams  and a 7 day nutritional plan for the Ayurvedic consultation.

Please note:

Naturopathic consultations and treatments are a private service. The fee is calculated according to the time spent on the consultation and therapy and according to the scale of fees for naturopaths (GeBüH). Invoices can be submitted to private and supplementary insurance companies. Reimbursement depends on your policy and may not be fully guaranteed. For those with public health insurance, the bill cannot be submitted, but it is possible to claim it as a special tax expense.