One-on-One classes

One-on-one classes allow you to work more precisely and adapt the yoga exercises to your personal needs and goals. It is especially in situations of particular tension that an individual yoga class can provide a greater sense of calm and serenity - like an oasis in the storm of everyday life.

Individual yoga classes are also a good way to begin practicing yoga, before joining a group class, and to learn the breath-centered practice, the essential building block of Hatha yoga.

Yoga one-on-one is particulary beneficial, if you 

  • are about to begin with yoga (classes).
  • want to deepen your yoga practice and integrate it more deeply into your daily routine through a regular and individual practice. 
  • are looking for mental and physical balance in stressful situations.
  • want to use yoga to support other therapies and as a preventative measure - see also here.

A one-on-one session usually lasts 60 minutes. During the first session, we work together to identify your goals and needs, so I estimate 90 minutes for the first session. Accordingly, the elements of asana, prānayama and meditation are woven into an individual practice. We will practice and deepen your practice together, and you will leave with a memory to take home with you.

One-on-one classes  (01.01.2024)Units Valid  Price
First class and clarification  6x15 min now105,00 €
One class 4x15 min now  70,00€
Three classes12x15 min 6 months195,00 €

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