One-on-One and yoga therapy classes

In one-on-one sessions, we can fokus on your individual objectives and needs.  The method of yoga is able to address physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual needs. Its potential for relieving stress is sufficiently scientifically substantiated, which is why yoga has been included in the prevention catalog of the statutory health insurance companies. This is, because stress is known to be an important risk factor / catalyst for many illnesses.

Yoga one-on-one is particulary beneficial, if you 

  • are about to begin with yoga (classes).
  • want to deepen your yoga and include a personal practice into your daily routine. 
  • need yoga to support other therapies complementarily or use it as prevention measure for certain complaints. 

One session lasts 60 min. We establish your needs and objectives. According to that we combine elements of  Āsana, Prānayama und meditation to an individual practice. We deepen the practice together and I draw it out for you as reminder to take home with. 

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