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I am pleased that you are interested in Ayurveda and yoga therapy. Both medical systems combine a holistic view of man, which includes body, mind, senses and soul. Health (“Svastha”) in this sense encompasses all facets of human existence - and a therapeutic approach with Ayurveda and / or yoga addresses imbalances on these different levels. Ayurveda emphazises measures regarding nutrition, lifestyle and herbal applications, while yoga therapy focuses on movement and meditative breathing therapy. The individuality of the patients is the basis for interventions that can claim thousands of years of experience.

Ayurveda and yoga are wonderfully suited to maintaining your health (in the sense of prevention) and treating diseases and can also be used in conjunction with other therapeutic approaches from conventional medicine and naturopathy.

In me you will find a naturopath who has found her therapeutic home in Ayurveda and Yoga and supports this with modern, scientific knowledge. As a pharmacist and through my years of work in the health sector, I have a comprehensive insight into conventional medicine and other natural healing methods. I can therefore easily assess to what extent Ayurveda and / or yoga therapy harmonize with existing therapies. My approach is not dogmatic exclusion, but the harmonious coexistence of therapy procedures for the benefit of your health.

Anja Orttmann-Heuser

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