The word Svastha from Sanskrit (ancient Indian language) refers to a state of physical health with an inner well-being of the soul, senses and mind (according to Susruta, an Ayurvedic physician, 3.-4. century).

Sva' literally means 'the self' and 'stha' means 'to stand' or 'to be in'; thus, 'Sva stha' stands for standing (or being established) in one's self. If you want to translate this into a personal experience, it is best described as 

Lightness in the body - brightness in the mind.

(AG Mohan)

According to the classical texts of Ayurveda and Yoga, this state is both the goal and the result of following the path of Yoga or the recommendations of Ayurveda.


Yoga deals with the management of our mind. Ayurveda is concerned with how to maintain and restore balance in the qualitties and functions in our body. (AG Mohan)


In my naturopathic practice, I offer Ayurvedic medicine and yoga therapy to help you maintain and/or regain your health. In addition, you will find yoga classes tailored to your personal needs to support you in different life situations.

Naturopath Practice

Ayurveda is considered the "science" of longevity and integrates yoga into its applications. The goal is to live a healthy and active life into old age.

„When the diet is wrong, the medicine is of no use. If the diet is correct, the medicine is not needed.“
(Ayurvedisches Sprichwort) 

Therapeutisches Yoga für Kraft und Beweglichkeit

Yoga Classes

Yoga brings fitness, but it is more than just sport. Yoga effectively manages stress, but is more than a relaxation technique.

„Yoga is an inner experience, a work-in within a work-out“
(Indra Mohan)

Continuous Education

Here you will find workshops, publications and blogs on yoga and Ayurveda.

„Do not look for the right teacher, look for the right knowledge.“
(AG Mohan)


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Sustained support for healthy lifestyle changes

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