Yogatherapy for T2D (Der Heilpraktiker)

What is the article about?

This article focuses on mindfulness training for people with diabetes. We explain why mindfulness is a key skill for lifestyle change and introduce some areas and exercise sequences. Here is an excerpt on hunger and satiety

Refining awareness of hunger and satiety
Breath awareness also supports an improved perception of the digestive tract and hunger or satiety. Often, it is enough to breathe in a relaxed way and focus on the abdominal area to become aware of the digestive area and to feel hunger and fullness. By deepening the exhalation, the perception of the abdominal area becomes even clearer. 
These exercises are classically supported with gentle twists and inverted postures. This compresses or stretches the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the abdominal area. After the exercise, the abdominal organs are better supplied with blood, tension can be released and digestion can be stimulated. The tactile, physical access to the abdominal area is another good way to become more aware of digestion, hunger and fullness.


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